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lucha contra incendios urbanos


The only device in the world capable of putting out both urban and forest fires. With a capacity of up to 1,500L and a recharge time of 2 minutes. Capable of recharging from any source.

limpieza eolicos y alta tension


HELION WIND performs the cleaning and inspection of these structures in an average of 1.30 hours. This makes it the most efficient team in the world.


Good maintenance of electrical insulators is fundamental to the operational continuity of electrical lines and substations and to greater service availability. Helion Earth avoids repetitive drops, thus minimizing the impact on end users.

Incorporation of a control algorithm that allows the system to be regulated more precisely

Dirt detection software on the wind structures. We have developed and used a tracking algorithm in order to detect the dirt and ice core closest to the target designated by the pilot on a tablet. We have also developed an algorithm to detect the liquid column using both HR and IR images.

Remote control

A console and computer capable of remotely controlling all functionalities of the Helion device has been developed and configured. The electrical and electronic design has been crucial to ensure its performance. The Helion device communicates with the remote computer via wifi, it is also possible to access the images being streamed live or recorded from the device via the internet.

The programming of the microprocessor has required the development of software compatible with the systems already present in the helicopters for the controllers.

Inspection camera

One of Helion’s most important functionalities is the High-Definition (hereafter HD) camera inspection, which allows the AI to operate and the operator to have a privileged view.

The camera has infinite horizontal rotation (beyond 360°), and 180° vertical rotation. It performs autonomous stabilised object tracking and 30x optical zoom, and can photograph or record HD video (1080p) and transmit it in real time.

Infrared thermal vision

For urban fire operation (which is characterised by low smoke visibility) and the inspection or maintenance of electrical towers, it is almost imperative to have the infrared thermal vision that this camera provides to the operator, and over the internet to anyone who connects to Helion.

Lance with a 300º horizontal and 120º vertical movement capacity.

A system has been developed which, by means of multiple actuators, has enabled total mobility of the nozzle of the lance, allowing the liquid to be propelled in practically any direction. This greatly facilitates the cleaning of insulators, wind turbines and fire fighting.

A structure has been developed that is able to give sufficient flexibility to the movement, while being able to withstand the pressure with which the liquid is propelled.

Achievement of a maximum water ejection speed and generation of a pressurised water flow of 120 bar

The exact combination of motor power and pump type to achieve the desired water flow rate has been achieved. During the project it was found necessary to be able to modify the flow rate and pressure of the equipment depending on the target market. Thus, if the operator is going to carry out wind turbine cleaning tasks, as it is a larger surface area, it will require a higher flow rate and lower pressure. If the operator is going to clean and inspect insulators on high voltage pylons, he will require higher pressure but lower flow. The Helion is totally versatile, and can be configured to suit the task at hand.


Another of the main objectives was to manufacture a versatile device, capable of adapting to the customer’s needs regardless of the type of work to be carried out.

This has been achieved, in addition to the previous section, by equipping the device with a second pump designed solely to propel detergent or foaming agent, and a second auxiliary tank with a capacity of 100 litres has been installed for storage.

The operator can, from the on-board computer, decide whether to propel water, soap, foaming agent, antifreeze liquid, etc. He can choose to propel separately or mixed, for this purpose, Helion has been equipped with a double nozzle, each one independent.



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